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Inhalation Sedation Course in Stratford-on-Avon

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"Snow Snow Thick Thick Snow" 
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Saturday 23rd March 2013

So on a memorable and snowy Saturday in Stratford, 10 doughty dental professionals made their way through worsening snow to Stratford Dental Practice, just minutes from the town centre to arrive between 8.45 and 9 am,  to attend a day of learning on my subject of expertise, joining Chris Charon and myself.

Stratford Dental before the snow

In the end we had seven dentists, one hygienist and two nurses. One dentist and two nurses had to drop out due to the weather conditions.

The practice owner, Dr. Manju Kumar attended as did our host and course facilitator for the day, Dr. Rob Endicott, and one of their dental hygienists. Rob put in a great deal of behind the scenes effort to ensure we had a successful day.

So despite the fact that three people had no choice but to cancel on the morning, for evident and good reasons, the group of ten plus ourselves made it a viable and good sized group for the teaching environment I prefer ( 8-15 max.)


Go !

Mention has a to made of the beautiful practice and excellent facilities provided to us, which many remarked on in the feedback forms.
The patient lounge served us for lunch and coffee breaks
1st floor landing

Delegates paying close attention to practical details

Feedback results

The Questions

  1. The course was relevent to my eductional needs
  2. I learnt a great deal from this event
  3. The day was very well structured
  4. The organisation before and during the event was efficient 
  5. The speaker communicated effectively
  6. The information was well presented
  7. Sufficient time was given for discussion
  8. The learning will change my clinical practice
  9. I have been well looked after before and during the course
  10. I appreciate the opportunity of ongoing interaction with Dr Charon 
  11. Would you recommend this course? 

Let's start with Q11:
100% said yes they would recommend the course.
For all of the questions together.
92% received top marks or Excellent

6.8% received a  "v good" 
1.1 (one answer) received the lowest score of  "good". 

One Dentist, who had many years of experience with "RA", replied with only a "good" and "very good" to Q2 & Q8, which is entirely to be expected.

Our next course will be held in Newbury, Berkshire on June 29th.
Places are already limited - 6 places still available.
Please e-mail for an application form:

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