Monday, September 04, 2017

Inhalation Sedation: What the paients said...

"Thank you so much, you have fixed a broken part of my personality"
A business executive. 

" I would like to see nitrous oxide used in every dental practice, as many people I know have at least some level of dental anxiety. As a businessman I would have thought that this represents a good revenue opportunity for most dental practices as well as a great marketing opportunity to attract more anxious patients. Overall, the combination of nitrous oxide and the professional and kind treatment of Richard and Chris has gone a long way to restoring my faith in the dental profession."  

"Do I still have a fear of Dentists, well probably yes, somewhere deep inside me, it won’t disappear overnight, and no doubt there will still be a few nerves there the next time I have treatment but whilst I know Richard can help me I will happily attend any check up or treatment session needed. So long as my happy gas is their if I need it."   

"My next check-up is in June, and having survived all the fillings, being I'm
more familiar with the dentists environment, and trusting Richard, I've no
fear of returning.  At the moment I'm pretty sure I can do the check-up with
whatever tools Richard feels are necessary without the help of happy air.
Although it's great to know that if I do feel I need it, it will be there on


are considering trying it to help them during dental appointments. I am a bit of a spa fan and enjoy massages and facials whenever I can. The closest feeling that I can associate it with is when you are having a massage and are deeply relaxed and you are dipping in and out of consciousness even though you are awake!

I hope this story helps others , who worry about choking at the dentist to try this “Happy Air” as it has enabled me to complete some treatment that I would have found very difficult." 


Interested in training to be able to offer your patients this sedation technique?

Web: The RA Coach


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