Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Mother said we had change their lives!

From time to time I look back on some of my facebook posts.
You may find this story helpful...
"And this, in part, is why I do what I do it... 

"Yesterday we saw an 8 year old on referral from another practice about 8 miles away for the removal of a carious ULd,  with inhalation sedation.

Her parents were very anxious since their older daughter had had to have a GA last year for several extractions and the family found this to be a very traumatic experience.

We saw her for a trial run of the "happy air" last week and she was well behaved and cooperative.

So yesterday she attended for the extraction and as expected the whole procedure went very smoothly. She did not react at any time during the procedure including the palatal infiltration using The Wand and the extraction, despite the tooth having most of it's splayed roots intact.

She recovered beautifully and dad, who was of course witnessing everything, was bowled over.

Her mother was concerned she would need to have a day off school today. We reassured her that her daughter would be fine.

She called the practice just now to say ...That we were right, her daughter could have gone to school today. She said her daughter had chatted happily all the way home unlike her sister who had cried for hours after her general anaesthetic to have teeth removed.

She went on to say that we had "changed their lives!"

So if you or your practice would like to be able to provide this level of care, please feel free to contact me. 

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