Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Inhalation Sedation Update Day

 Happy New Year to you All

We are now booking our next
Inhalation Sedation Update Day
in Newbury
Sat. March 17th 2018.
Fully compatible with new GDC eCPD regs.
   7 hours certificated eCPD hours

offer ends in
4 weeks on Feb.3rd

Remember ALL members of the team involved
must undertake regular updates.
12 hours every 5 years.

Inline image

Whilst writing, don't forget your required annual ILS + PILS training.
This trainer in Banbury is offering a course on January 31st.
I have no financial interest.
Please contact Lynn directly if this is of interest

"See what others have said about ushere
Lynn Fox RGN - EPALS/GIC/ALS/ILS (Resuscitation Co.UK Instructor)
First Aid Instructor (FAIB, HSE, SkillBase and OFQUAL)
Ofsted|Sure Start|Qualsafe Awards
ResusPlus Training
01280 704014 or 0770 250 9967

I look forward to hearing from you soon to indicate your intentions.

e-mail: richard@the-ra-coach.co.uk

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Training and Introducing an Inhalation Sedation Service with Richard Charon BDS

Introducing an Inhalation Sedation (IHS) is a committent both to training, equipping as well ongoing
servicing of the equipment, updating yourself and your team from time to time and undertaking the required ILS + PILS training annually.  
In addition Standards and Guidelines introduced in 2015 and 2017 respectively require more of us but none of this is impossible - it just takes some organisation and systems to run smoothly whilst complying. All aspects of these requirements are covered in the course but it is the individual's responsibility to read these documents.
I found that the technique and indeed the equipment lasted me a lifetime (let's say 35+years) in GDP, using it on a daily basis. It is a question of setting a proper fee level to cover all costs and leaving some over for your trouble!  Naturally for those in the NHS salaried services these considerations do not apply.

Almost any treatment can be achieved

This is a 3-day courses for beginners or those returning to this technique include, Day 1 of Theory and practical demonstrations followed by 2 days of individual one-to-one "Work-based Assessments" at your own practice.

This 3-day course is accepted as being equivalent to a University-based module on this subject.
This course is suitable for dentists, including specialists and DCPs in the UK 
and for dentists only in the Irish Republic.

Course Fees

These fees are not being increased during 2018.
The final fee must include costs which will vary according to the location of the practice to my home base in Newbury. It is a question of geography.
Once a practitioner decides to commit, I will spend the time needed to work out the logistics/ costs of travel, hotel stays , taxi transfers or car hire for visits to Scotland or Ireland usually plus mileage allowance if applicable and subsistence allowances.
These fees do not include your own costs of travel to day 1 of the accredited course which is class-based training and may involve 1 or 2 nights night hotel stay depending on where you are travelling from and the timing of flights/trains etc.

You can download an application form to be printed off, completed, scanned and e-mailed back to me as well as the educational aims and objectives.

My role and ongoing support

My role is to teach practitioners with no previous experience to administer Inhalation Sedation with nitrous oxide & oxygen, successfully and safely, taking full cognisance of the requirements of the current Standards and Guidelines of the IACSD and SDCEP respectively in the UK and where these might differ, of the Dental Council in Ireland.
In addition I act as a mentor before, during and after your training, as well as having the dual-role as an assessor. 

Dr. Suresh Govind, Nottingham receives his competency certificate

This would mean that IF I felt that after the course and spending 2 full days with the candidate, overseeing their first 10 cases plus 5 case assessments, I still assess that that person was not yet ready to go it alone, it would be my duty to say so.
Saying that, this has never happened yet, so hopefully that says something positive about my courses.

If you do decide to book, you will receive further e-mails with attachments or links to resources well ahead of the course date. Please remember at least one of your RDNs should attend with you for day 1 to understand how to assist during the 2 days of WBAs.

You will also need to show evidence of having completed both ILS & PILS training in the previous 12 months before we book days 2 & 3. We can discuss further if you wish.

There is a great deal of information if you navigate the left hand column of my website but some of these case histories may be of interest which are less easily found!

In addition you should find many of my Linkedin articles and posts of interest.

Here are 3 to start with:-

Please e-mail me to book places or for any additional information .

Inhalation Sedation Training for Dentists in Ireland

+++ STOP PRESS +++

Inhalation Sedation Training for Dentists in Ireland

20th December 2017

The Dental Council provided a formal letter of confirmation that  
has met their requirements for training programs in Inhalation Sedation for Irish Dentists.

The letter of confirmation of Dec. 20th 2017 is signed by the Registrar,  Dr. David O'Flynn after a period of discussions with him.  The submitted program has now been validated and this validation will run until December 2020 before being reviewed.

Full details of the submitted program (as earlier approved in December 2015 by the IACSD accreditation sub-commitee in the UK, following publication of their new Standards in April 2015 and again as confirmed by their successors, the STAC RCS (Sedation Teachers Accreditation Committee of the Dental Faculty of the The Royal College of Surgeons of England,formed in June 2016) were considered and approved by the Dental Council.

Please note that the courses are run over 3 days. 

Day 1: Theory and practical demonstrations. These are currently held in England although venues may change.

Didactic Teaching of Theory

Practical demonstrations
Days 2 & 3 are Work-Based Assessments (WBA) during which the candidate will be personally overseen, mentored and assessed by Dr. Charon for their first 10 cases and 5 case assessments. 
Detailed arrangements and the WBA program details are made with candidates, to be held at their own equipped clinics/practices.  For practical purposes this would normally be over 2 consecutive days and usually within 6 months of day 1.
Dental Nurses
The dentist offering Inhalation Sedation must be assisted by an appropriately trained dental nurse and RDNs, unless already experienced with assisting treating patients under inhalation sedation, would be expected to accompany their dentist to day 1 of the course in order to properly assist for days 2 & 3. They will receive a CPD certificate of attendance.

Next available course - 5 places available only

   Date: Sat. 12th May 2018 (Deposits due by March 12th)

Venue: Donnington Valley Hotel, Newbury, Berkshire


Contact for details and to book

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Inhalation Sedation Accredited course for New Starters - Excellent feedback

It is said that you are only as good as your last ... 

Let others be the judge but I still must be doing something right. I am delighted with the feedback from Saturday's course even if was the smallest we have run but there were reasons. 

2nd December 2017

... "It's been a brilliant course" 

“... I’ll feel more confident once we have gone through the RA machine at work. It’s been a brilliant course though. Thank you."

 Chloe Brotherhood Dental Therapist. She is booked to undertake her Work-Based Assessments in 10 days

... "Richard is a really great teacher" 

I really loved the happy air. I have never attended a course containing so much information that held my attention all day. I thought this morning it had the potential to be a dry day but Richard is a really great teacher"

Alex Middleton - Dental Therapist who retrained having been an A&E Nurse.

 "Great course. Very Informative"

Dr. Giri Govardan  GDP Northern Ireland

"Richard was a great trainer" ...   

" Richard was a great Trainer- I felt at ease and enjoyed the sedation demonstration."

Dr. Bhaven Modha Community Dental Officer.

Since the 2015 IACSD Standards were published, I have generally sought to accept no more than 5 candidates, often accompanied by their dental nurses. This results in 10-12 course delegates for 
day 1 of the 3-day course and then up to 10 days of follow-up practice visits to undertake their "Work-Based Assessments" (WBAs)  to certify their competence.

On this occasion we had 2 dentists, one GDP and one CDO and 2 Therapists one from Community the other about to start in private practice. All 4 have their clinics/practices already equipped and all 4 already have experienced dental nurses who did not need to accompany them. 

I will be travelling to N. Ireland early in 2018 and to Norwich (in 10 days) to undertake 2 days of WBAs for both of them. The CDO is being assessed in-house as is (probably) the Therapist in private practice.

So we had a very focussed learning group and here below I copy their feedback. 

The only response (of 48 responses)that scored less than a maximum of 5 came from the community-based Therapist on the topic of her readiness for her WBAs - but she will be fine after some one-to -one time with the "RA" machine before we begin with patients.

The evening before the course I received a new enquiry from a Therapist who, asking about the course, said "Is it worth it".  As I said introducing this, let others be the judge of that.

Our next full course for new starters will be on Saturday 12th May 2018. There are 5 places for Dentists or DH&Ts.


Community Dental Therapist in Norwich

She has re-trained having been an A&E Nurse
Ex- A and E Nurse now a Dental Therapist about to start with a general practice in Sussex with full sedation facilities

GDP travelled from N.Ireland

Community Dental Officer -  Bucks.  New in Post. Retrained having been an Opthalmologist

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Inhalation Sedation Update Sat. March 17th 2018.


Inhalation Sedation Update 

7 hours CPD

Saturday March 17th 2018

9.00am – 5.00pm

Richard Charon BDS 

IACSD & STAC Accredited Course Provider in Inhalation Sedation

Fees to be paid by Feb. 3rd 2018.


 Delegates deep in thought over the summative assessment MCQ at the end of a day of learning and shared experiences. 
A true mixed ability class from consultant paediatric dentist to dental nurses and a practice manager and from London , Ireland the "Black Country". 
We were 2 short by this time as one GDP could not attend at the last minute and one of her RDNs had to leave early (hence the 2 empty chairs!).

What higher praise was needed?

"Good pace of course and information was explained without waffle" from one of the RDNs that attended.   
"Very clear, concise & enjoyable' from a GDP  
 "Many thanks for an excellent day" from a Paeds consultant, makes it all worthwhile. 
 "I will definitely recommend this course to my colleagues" from a BUPA PM was also valuable feedback. 
If we add in the almost universal maximum scores on the feedback forms, I think I can say that we got it about right!
These Update Days are aimed at all members of the team involved in providing Inhalation Sedation. Gain 7 hours CPD towards the 12 hours needed each 5-year cycle. Ensure you are up to date with Standards and Guidelines, improve you success rate, revise details, meet like-minded colleagues and share experiences. CQC will ask for evidence of CPD including for RDNs.

Donnington Valley Hotel, near Newbury. 5 mins by car from M4/A34 junction
(J13 M4). 10 mins by taxi from Newbury Station.
Newbury is 1 hour from Paddington by train & 45 mins from Heathrow or Southampton Airports.
Details are on the website.

Monday, September 04, 2017

Inhalation Sedation: What the paients said...

"Thank you so much, you have fixed a broken part of my personality"
A business executive. 


" I would like to see nitrous oxide used in every dental practice, as many people I know have at least some level of dental anxiety. As a businessman I would have thought that this represents a good revenue opportunity for most dental practices as well as a great marketing opportunity to attract more anxious patients. Overall, the combination of nitrous oxide and the professional and kind treatment of Richard and Chris has gone a long way to restoring my faith in the dental profession."  

"Do I still have a fear of Dentists, well probably yes, somewhere deep inside me, it won’t disappear overnight, and no doubt there will still be a few nerves there the next time I have treatment but whilst I know Richard can help me I will happily attend any check up or treatment session needed. So long as my happy gas is their if I need it."   

"My next check-up is in June, and having survived all the fillings, being I'm
more familiar with the dentists environment, and trusting Richard, I've no
fear of returning.  At the moment I'm pretty sure I can do the check-up with
whatever tools Richard feels are necessary without the help of happy air.
Although it's great to know that if I do feel I need it, it will be there on

There's no better way for me to thank Richard than share my experience here
on his website, hoping he'll be able to help others.  I've already referred
about a dozen people to his website and twitter account, it's amazing just
how many people are as scared as I once was."


"To explain how the “Happy Air” makes you feel - this may help readers if they are considering trying it to help them during dental appointments. I am a bit of a spa fan and enjoy massages and facials whenever I can. The closest feeling that I can associate it with is when you are having a massage and are deeply relaxed and you are dipping in and out of consciousness even though you are awake!

I hope this story helps others , who worry about choking at the dentist to try this “Happy Air” as it has enabled me to complete some treatment that I would have found very difficult." 


Interested in training to be able to offer your patients this sedation technique?

Web: The RA Coach


Inhalation Sedation update- learn something new

Attending our update on Oct 21st will not only earn you 7 hrs vCPD but you may even learn something new!
richard@the-ra-coach.co.uk to book
Discount available until Sept. 9th.

Friday, August 18, 2017

"RA" competent Therapist- Nottingham area

Dental Therapist moving to Nottingham is looking for a post.

Charlotte Heneghan gained her competency certificate in Inhalation Sedation in April 2017 and would ideally like to be able to continue utilising this technique:

She is shortly leaving her home in Anglesey and work in North Wales, where she was working at the West End Dental Group of Dr. Trevor Ferguson and his team, who provide the highest levels of prosthodontic and implant dentistry and who encouraged  and facilitated both her and another Dental Therapist to undertake their training in Inhalation Sedation and equipped the practice to enable them to do so.

Having mentored her, observed her working and assessed her competency I can thoroughly recommend Charotte as a very competent DCP with first class communication and rapport skills and I am sure would be an asset to any practice.

Here is her CV


Email: charlotte-heneghan@live.co.uk                                                    Mobile: 07535917135
Address: Llywdiarth, Rocky Lane, Benllech, Tyn-Y-Gongl, Isle of Anglesey, LL74 8TN
Personal Profile
I have enjoyed working for 2 years in North Wales post-qualification and am now looking forward to relocating to Gedling, Nottingham, in October 2017. With this fresh opportunity I would like to continue expanding my skills and experience by joining a new Dental Team. I find providing general dental care within my scope of practice extremely rewarding and my driven nature has sparked my appetite to explore new avenues. My additional interests are inhalation sedation, tooth whitening, periodontal disease and dental implants.

Certificate of Competency in Inhalation Sedation
Accredited IACSD training course delivered by Richard Charon, gaining 89% in summative assessment.
Welsh Dental Therapist Foundation Training Programme
Wales Deanery.
British Dental Bleaching Society, Aesthetic Seminars
Tooth Whitening for Dental Hygienists and Therapists. 
University of Birmingham

Additional awards gained:
BSc Dental Hygiene and Therapy with Honours.
·       Birmingham School of Dental Hygiene and Therapy Tutors Prize for Professionalism July 2015.
·       British Society of Dental Hygiene and Therapy Prize for ‘Student who demonstrated the Highest Level of Professionalism’ July 2015.
·       British Society for Paediatric Dentistry Prize July 2015.

David Hughes School, Menai Bridge, Anglesey.
A-Levels: Psychology (A), Biology (B), Chemistry (B) and Level 3 Welsh Baccalaureate Advanced Diploma (Pass).
AS-Level: English Literature (B).
GCSEs: Eleven grade A* to C, including English, Welsh, Mathematics and Science.

Current Role and Responsibilities
·       Working for a small corporate company across three Practices alongside Dentists, Therapists, Hygienists, Dental Nurses and Customer Care Team.
·       Providing both NHS and Private hygiene and restorative treatments for adults and children.
·       Assisting trainee Dental Nurses with their training towards registration through Tooth Fairies. 
·       Implant Aftercare team member: providing oral hygiene advice, hygiene maintenance treatments and assisting with the treatment of peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis.
·       Inhalation Sedation team member: educating and comforting anxious patients, completing assessments and providing treatment with the aid of nitrous oxide-oxygen inhalation sedation.
·       Assisting Dentists with tooth whitening assessments, helping the patient choose the right whitening course and completing tooth whitening treatments.   

Professional Experience
·       Experience providing both Hygiene and Therapy Dental treatment in Birmingham Dental Hospital, various Community Dental Practices in Birmingham and Dental Practices in North Wales.
·       Observed clinics including General Anaesthetic, Oral Medicine, Periodontal Specialists, Endodontic Specialists and Implantologists. 
·       Enthusiastic in educating and motivating patients through dental hygiene, preventative and restorative therapy dental treatments.
·       Training in paediatric and adult immediate life support.
·       Excellent communication skills developed by treating a wide cross-section of patients; paediatric, adult, special needs, anxious and patients requiring interpreters.
·       Completed an Audit of Compliance with Welsh Health Technical Memorandum 01-05 (WHTM 01-05) Audit and assisted the Dentist with the Audit of Antimicrobial Prescribing for Dentists working in General Practice, through the Wales Deanery.
·       Mentored a Dental Nurse through Designed to Smile to gain her certificate in the Application of Fluoride Varnish.

Current Employment
·       January 2016 to September 2017 - Westend Dental Colwyn Bay, Llangefni and Porthmadog in Anglesey and North Wales.
Employment History
·       September 2016 to March 2017 - Valley Dental, Valley, Anglesey.
·       September 2015 to August 2016 - Welsh Dental Therapist Foundation Training Programme via Valley Dental, Valley, Anglesey.
·       September 2015 to December 2015 - Mydentist Bangor, Menai Bridge and Llangefni, Anglesey.

Continuing Professional Development
·       183 hours of verifiable CPD completed between August 2015 and July 2017.
·       8 courses of further professional training completed to date.  

Additional Skills
·       Excellent IT skills and competent using R4 and Exact computer programmes.
·       Clean, full driver’s licence.
·       Adept and careful manual dexterity.
·       High personal standards which I maintain in my role.

·       Attending fitness classes and the gym.
·       Cooking, especially baking.  
·       Socialising with family and friends.


Mr Aaron Ferguson
Westend Dental
104 Conway Road
Colwyn Bay
LL29 7LL
01492 532168

Dr Lourens Bester
Valley Dental Care
2 Boston Terrace
01407 741730