Sunday, December 01, 2013

Top 20 reasons for offering Inhalation Sedation

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Inhalation Sedation in 2014 and beyond.

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1.           Reduce your stress in managing your anxious patients.
2.                Add a new income stream.
3.                     Attract more patients and help grow your practice.
4.            Add a new service to your offering.
5.            Differentiate your practice from others.
6.            Reduce FTAs and cancellations.
7.            Get anxious patients to accept your treatment plans.
8.            Overcome the gag reflex in 95% of cases.
9.            Develop incoming referrals for this service.
10.                 Make children’s dentistry much easier for the team.
11.                 Offer a non-invasive option for patients.
12.                 No problems of cannulation.
13.                 Rapid recovery.
14.                 Wider application than IV sedation including ASA III.
15.                 Ideal for adults having ALL forms of treatment.
16.                 Ready to use at short notice for acute pain cases.
17.                 Has been used in facial aesthetics without L.A
18.                 Get people talking positively about you.
19.                 Only 10 cases and 10 hours to achieve competency.
              (IV needs 20 cases and close to 40 hours)
20                 Competent  hygienists & Therapists treat their own patients
21.                 Chris Barrow says include sedation in your services

Did you spot that is 21 reasons? Enough I think!
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