Monday, April 18, 2016

Considering introducing Inhalation Sedation

 Some figures to consider:

2010 - The Last Adult Dental Health Survey says 50% of attenders have little or no dental anxiety. 

Even my poor maths tells me therefore that
50% are anxious or worse! 

36% have mild to moderate anxiety (not broken down).

12% have severe anxiety or phobia (not broken down). 

IACSD in last year's report says:
95% of those requiring sedation can be managed with IV Midazolam or Inhalation Sedation.
So, advanced techniques may only be needed for 5% of those who do require sedation. 
In my non-referral GDP practice, my experience was that of those needing sedation,
1 in 20 needed IV (requested it, were not suitable for "RA" or could not be managed with it).
The other 95% were managed with Inhalation Sedation.

For me from 1989 to 2014, this equated to one "RA" case per day (on average) and one IV case a month (on average) in my English market town, private practice.  Other localities are likely to differ.

Referrals for GA over 23 years - approx 5 ( can only remember 2 of them).

Referrals for advanced IV techniques other than 3rd molar referrals due to private medical cover - Zero (that I can recall).

Accredited 3-day training course for independent sedation practice 

Course Brochure

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