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Why I do what I do

For the most part my social media posts are about the availability of the courses I run.
The aim is to raise awareness of their existence.

So why am I so passionate about Inhalation Sedation (Relative Analgesia as it has been known for probably 30 years). Why do I do what I do and teach dental professionals how to make the most of and get good results from using "RA". The answer is simple. 

I took up using this technique for patients who I felt would benefit in 1977, just over one year after qualification.  RA is not right for every patient or indeed every dentist (now I must include DCPs also) of course but I have had so many successful outcomes , that I feel RA should be more widely available, in particular in general practices, for adults as well as children and probably by more specialists, in particular endodontists and periodontists. 

 Case selection is critical to success but so it is for many branches of dentistry from Orthodontics, via periodontics, endodontics, prosthodotics to implantology too.

Let others do the talking. First some of my patients and then one of two dentists I have taught. Please use the links to read their full accounts

Patient 1 - Matt.

".... I would like to see nitrous oxide used in every dental practice, as many people I know have at least some level of dental anxiety. As a businessman I would have thought that this represents a good revenue opportunity for most dental practices as well as a great marketing opportunity to attract more anxious patients. Overall, the combination of nitrous oxide and the professional and kind treatment of Richard and Chris has gone a long way to restoring my faith in the dental profession."  Matt.

Patient 2 - Lucy.

"To explain how the “Happy Air” makes you feel - this may help readers if they are considering trying it to help them during dental appointments. I am a bit of a spa fan and enjoy massages and facials whenever I can. The closest feeling that I can associate it with is when you are having a massage and are deeply relaxed and you are dipping in and out of consciousness even though you are awake!

I hope this story helps others , who worry about choking at the dentist to try this “Happy Air” as it has enabled me to complete some treatment that I would have found very difficult." 

Patient 3 -Peter

"My next check-up is in June, and having survived all the fillings, being I'm
more familiar with the dentists environment, and trusting Richard, I've no
fear of returning.  At the moment I'm pretty sure I can do the check-up with
whatever tools Richard feels are necessary without the help of happy air.
Although it's great to know that if I do feel I need it, it will be there on

There's no better way for me to thank Richard than share my experience here
on his website, hoping he'll be able to help others.  I've already referred
about a dozen people to his website and twitter account, it's amazing just
how many people are as scared as I once was."

If you are a dentist considering introducing "R.A." to your practice  perhaps Carolyn's story will help you to decide to go ahead.

Patient 4 Carolyn

"Richard,  please feel free to use this as an example of how Happy Air allows the most nervous of patients have treatment....I will never be a ' 6 monthly check-up' person, but this has made such a difference & I would recommend it to any other nervous patients out there & the poor dentists that have to treat them ! "

and a few words from just a few dentists that I have taught and who have gone on to offer the technique...

 “We have had a fantastic result using RA with a patient who has struggled with confidence as his teeth had been badly neglected. He was embarrassed to seek treatment due to a strong gag reflex.  We were able to take several impressions over a couple of visits with alginate detailing posterior teeth allowing him to have a fantastically fitting set of flexible dentures made, that would otherwise have been impossible.  The case has taken a few months to complete and the patient is now chuffed to bits.

Thanks for all your help......it was so satisfying to do be able to do this for him.”
Dr. Parmajit Athwar: Wightwick Dental Practice’s “Nervous Patient” page including their take on Inhalation Sedation.

 "Changed my Clinical Practice

I am so glad I booked a course with Dr Charon (2013). I've never looked back. 
Not only was the course informative and gave practical hands on training, but I feel I have found a mentor and advisor in Richard. It has renewed my faith in dentistry, after a few stressful years.
He is approachable and non judgmental in his emails, offering frank and honest opinions. He also goes out of his way to advice on other courses/training that may be relevant.
I thoroughly recommend his course ...."

Dr. Avi Riley

Oct 2011

“ ..you have shown me that sedation and gentle painless dentistry is more of a practice builder than anything else I have employed this in my daily practice” ..

” I find being able to treat someone that hasn't been able to visit the dentist due to fear much more inspirational than reading the 1000th article about veneers and bleaching we find in every journal! “
Dr Uzman al Haq.

From 2010

Hi Richard,
We arrived home safely , tired yet happy , after an excellent and profitable day.
I (and I am sure I speak for Hazel and Naz too) found that your course ticked all the boxes with a wealth of tips that I am sure will enable me to refine my techniques and make a smoother experience for my patients....Heartfelt thanks to you ,Chris and the team for hosting such a superb day."

I hope that these stories and quotes will inspire at least some of you to make a serious decision to invest in the equipment and training and become a dental sedationist or if already using IVS to consider adding Inhalation Sedation to your armoury. 

It is a technique I found useful if not essential on a daily basis for over 35 years and there is no reason why it should not serve you, your patients and your practice for many years too. It was the best investment and ROI I ever made.

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