Sunday, December 03, 2017

Inhalation Sedation Accredited course for New Starters - Excellent feedback

It is said that you are only as good as your last ... 

Let others be the judge but I still must be doing something right. I am delighted with the feedback from Saturday's course even if was the smallest we have run but there were reasons. 

2nd December 2017

... "It's been a brilliant course" 

“... I’ll feel more confident once we have gone through the RA machine at work. It’s been a brilliant course though. Thank you."

 Chloe Brotherhood Dental Therapist. She is booked to undertake her Work-Based Assessments in 10 days

... "Richard is a really great teacher" 

I really loved the happy air. I have never attended a course containing so much information that held my attention all day. I thought this morning it had the potential to be a dry day but Richard is a really great teacher"

Alex Middleton - Dental Therapist who retrained having been an A&E Nurse.

 "Great course. Very Informative"

Dr. Giri Govardan  GDP Northern Ireland

"Richard was a great trainer" ...   

" Richard was a great Trainer- I felt at ease and enjoyed the sedation demonstration."

Dr. Bhaven Modha Community Dental Officer.

Since the 2015 IACSD Standards were published, I have generally sought to accept no more than 5 candidates, often accompanied by their dental nurses. This results in 10-12 course delegates for 
day 1 of the 3-day course and then up to 10 days of follow-up practice visits to undertake their "Work-Based Assessments" (WBAs)  to certify their competence.

On this occasion we had 2 dentists, one GDP and one CDO and 2 Therapists one from Community the other about to start in private practice. All 4 have their clinics/practices already equipped and all 4 already have experienced dental nurses who did not need to accompany them. 

I will be travelling to N. Ireland early in 2018 and to Norwich (in 10 days) to undertake 2 days of WBAs for both of them. The CDO is being assessed in-house as is (probably) the Therapist in private practice.

So we had a very focussed learning group and here below I copy their feedback. 

The only response (of 48 responses)that scored less than a maximum of 5 came from the community-based Therapist on the topic of her readiness for her WBAs - but she will be fine after some one-to -one time with the "RA" machine before we begin with patients.

The evening before the course I received a new enquiry from a Therapist who, asking about the course, said "Is it worth it".  As I said introducing this, let others be the judge of that.

Our next full course for new starters will be on Saturday 12th May 2018. There are 5 places for Dentists or DH&Ts.

Community Dental Therapist in Norwich

She has re-trained having been an A&E Nurse
Ex- A and E Nurse now a Dental Therapist about to start with a general practice in Sussex with full sedation facilities

GDP travelled from N.Ireland

Community Dental Officer -  Bucks.  New in Post. Retrained having been an Opthalmologist

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