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Inhalation Sedation Training for Dentists in Ireland

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Inhalation Sedation Training for Dentists in Ireland

20th December 2017

The Dental Council provided a formal letter of confirmation that  
has met their requirements for training programs in Inhalation Sedation for Irish Dentists.

The letter of confirmation of Dec. 20th 2017 is signed by the Registrar,  Dr. David O'Flynn after a period of discussions with him.  The submitted program has now been validated and this validation will run until December 2020 before being reviewed.

Full details of the submitted program (as earlier approved in December 2015 by the IACSD accreditation sub-commitee in the UK, following publication of their new Standards in April 2015 and again as confirmed by their successors, the STAC RCS (Sedation Teachers Accreditation Committee of the Dental Faculty of the The Royal College of Surgeons of England,formed in June 2016) were considered and approved by the Dental Council.

Please note that the courses are run over 3 days. 

Day 1: Theory and practical demonstrations. These are currently held in England although venues may change.

Didactic Teaching of Theory

Practical demonstrations
Days 2 & 3 are Work-Based Assessments (WBA) during which the candidate will be personally overseen, mentored and assessed by Dr. Charon for their first 10 cases and 5 case assessments. 
Detailed arrangements and the WBA program details are made with candidates, to be held at their own equipped clinics/practices.  For practical purposes this would normally be over 2 consecutive days and usually within 6 months of day 1.
Dental Nurses
The dentist offering Inhalation Sedation must be assisted by an appropriately trained dental nurse and RDNs, unless already experienced with assisting treating patients under inhalation sedation, would be expected to accompany their dentist to day 1 of the course in order to properly assist for days 2 & 3. They will receive a CPD certificate of attendance.

Next available course - 5 places available only

   Date: Sat. 12th May 2018 (Deposits due by March 12th)

Venue: Donnington Valley Hotel, Newbury, Berkshire


Contact for details and to book

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