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Training and Introducing an Inhalation Sedation Service with Richard Charon BDS

Introducing an Inhalation Sedation (IHS) is a committent both to training, equipping as well ongoing
servicing of the equipment, updating yourself and your team from time to time and undertaking the required ILS + PILS training annually.  
In addition Standards and Guidelines introduced in 2015 and 2017 respectively require more of us but none of this is impossible - it just takes some organisation and systems to run smoothly whilst complying. All aspects of these requirements are covered in the course but it is the individual's responsibility to read these documents.
I found that the technique and indeed the equipment lasted me a lifetime (let's say 35+years) in GDP, using it on a daily basis. It is a question of setting a proper fee level to cover all costs and leaving some over for your trouble!  Naturally for those in the NHS salaried services these considerations do not apply.

Almost any treatment can be achieved

This is a 3-day courses for beginners or those returning to this technique include, Day 1 of Theory and practical demonstrations followed by 2 days of individual one-to-one "Work-based Assessments" at your own practice.

This 3-day course is accepted as being equivalent to a University-based module on this subject.
This course is suitable for dentists, including specialists and DCPs in the UK 
and for dentists only in the Irish Republic.

Course Fees

These fees are not being increased during 2018.
The final fee must include costs which will vary according to the location of the practice to my home base in Newbury. It is a question of geography.
Once a practitioner decides to commit, I will spend the time needed to work out the logistics/ costs of travel, hotel stays , taxi transfers or car hire for visits to Scotland or Ireland usually plus mileage allowance if applicable and subsistence allowances.
These fees do not include your own costs of travel to day 1 of the accredited course which is class-based training and may involve 1 or 2 nights night hotel stay depending on where you are travelling from and the timing of flights/trains etc.

You can download an application form to be printed off, completed, scanned and e-mailed back to me as well as the educational aims and objectives.

My role and ongoing support

My role is to teach practitioners with no previous experience to administer Inhalation Sedation with nitrous oxide & oxygen, successfully and safely, taking full cognisance of the requirements of the current Standards and Guidelines of the IACSD and SDCEP respectively in the UK and where these might differ, of the Dental Council in Ireland.
In addition I act as a mentor before, during and after your training, as well as having the dual-role as an assessor. 

Dr. Suresh Govind, Nottingham receives his competency certificate

This would mean that IF I felt that after the course and spending 2 full days with the candidate, overseeing their first 10 cases plus 5 case assessments, I still assess that that person was not yet ready to go it alone, it would be my duty to say so.
Saying that, this has never happened yet, so hopefully that says something positive about my courses.

If you do decide to book, you will receive further e-mails with attachments or links to resources well ahead of the course date. Please remember at least one of your RDNs should attend with you for day 1 to understand how to assist during the 2 days of WBAs.

You will also need to show evidence of having completed both ILS & PILS training in the previous 12 months before we book days 2 & 3. We can discuss further if you wish.

There is a great deal of information if you navigate the left hand column of my website but some of these case histories may be of interest which are less easily found!

In addition you should find many of my Linkedin articles and posts of interest.

Here are 3 to start with:-

Please e-mail me to book places or for any additional information .

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