Monday, November 28, 2011

Follow-up testimonial from Apollonia House

Just one (probably the best) of the comments received after last Saturday's course.
"Dear Richard,
I had a great day, I found your course top of the line. I have to say I didn't fill the feedback form, I did the questionare but didn't see that form, might have been because I rushed out because I had a long drive back. I've copyed what you wrote and can answer it this way if it's any good for you.

Venue: excellent
Relevence: excellent
Audio-visuals: very good
Speaker: excellent
I would really like for you to mentor me, but I'm afraid I work far away from you (Mansfield), I have used Inhalation Sedation many times before and I've done it to refresh and to get verifiable CPD. I've got a Master in Implantology and Oral Surgery from Spain in 2007 but I've been doing Implants since 2001 right after graduation, so in many cases I've used "happy air". If you could tell me if it's mandatory to be tutored for those 10 cases and if it is, how can I arrange to do that (I am sure you discussed that but I lost the first hour).
Thank you very much
It's been a real pleasure meeting you.
Kind regards.
Michel Michel "

So just as you can't please all the people all of the time, sometimes you can please some.

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